Battle your way through 21 stages of chaos and destroy the evil genius Eugene!


Press   to move your super destruction robot around the screen. Tap  to rotate shot anti-clockwise, tap  to rotate shot clockwise.

Collect These Things

Destroy These Things:


- Keep moving! It's easier for enemy homing shots to hit you if you're not moving.

- Prioritise the most deadly enemy types on each stage.

- Keep your distance from fast enemies that move unpredictably.

- A bonus is awarded on each stage if you collect all innocents before destroying a single enemy.

- To score high, you need to quickly eliminate the enemy that destroys the innocents.

- If you focus only on score, the game will be much more difficult!


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Pico-Tron (Windows) 1 MB
Pico-Tron (Linux) 663 kB
Pico-Tron (OS X) 3 MB
Pico-Tron (Raspberry Pi) 1 MB
Pico-Tron (Pico-8 Cartridge) 33 kB
Pico-Tron Soundtrack (FLAC) 5 MB

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Really nice interpretation of Robotron, especially given the limitations of your target platform. Your spriting is great considering the size you are working with.  A fun to play mini-clone of one of my all-time favs!

Very well done!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it.

Been playing these since my teenage arcade days of the 80s. It's a great little top-down shooter , lovely sprites and particle  effects , smooth play with all the nuances . BUT the fire control is awful IMO - I would love it to have a 4 button (e.g IJKL) 8 way fire i.e a proper 'twin-stick' game . As it is , I find it unplayable


Unfortunately I don't think this would be possible on the target platform (Pico-8). Pico-8 only has two fire buttons. Even for Pico-8 compatible devices (such as the Clockwork Pi and RG350) that have four fire buttons, they can't all be mapped.

OK , sorry , I didn't realise you has such technical limitations - it's such a good game.

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Nice game! Thanks! I made it through stg 16 !


Nice job! Keep going - there's a surprise waiting on stage 21...