Decimate your way through twenty stages of hostile enemy encounters.

 How to Play

  • Destroy enemies and collect the orbs they drop.
  • The quicker you collect orbs, the higher your score.
  • Collect three large orbs to activate the score multiplier.


  • You're invincible while jumping between platforms.
  • If a stage seems impossible, focus on survival instead of score.
  • Watch the bullet patterns carefully - there's always a way through.


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Pico-Bot (Pico-8 Cartridge) 40 kB
Pico-Bot (Windows).zip 1 MB
Pico-Bot (Linux).zip 666 kB
Pico-Bot (OS X).zip 3 MB
Pico-Bot (Raspberry Pi).zip 1 MB
Pico-Bot Soundtrack (FLAC).zip 8 MB

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Hehe very nice! Lovely presentation too.

Thank you. I'm a big fan of Splorf BTW!

ooh thanks!!! 😊